3D competition Silicone cap

The 3D Race cap is a new model specially designed for competition purpose. 100% silicon, this swim cap is seamless and offers a secure wrinkle free fit that gives you a hydrodynamic shape and reduces friction and drag in the water This cap is the perfect choice for performance swimmers. .

The 3D competition swim cap is made in high quality silicone, offering a superior compression and optimal hydrodynamic to improve performance and maintaining its shape throughout the race, thanks to the 3D molding technology.


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  • Improved Hydrodynamic.
  • Dome shape and ergonomic fit.
  • Water drag reduced .

custom swim cap

Swimming is all about hydrodynamics. The resistance or the water drag, La résistance ou la traînée, as small as can be, can affect the results of the race for a swimmer. Latex swim caps and high-density swim caps generally create wrinkles on the top of the head which create a drag as well.

A dome shape swim caps eliminates this problem This type of swim caps is molded in 3D. This molding process eliminates wrinkles and offers a smooth surface on the top of the head.


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BEWARE : The printing method on swim caps is called a Serigraphy. This is a tedious printing process that requires a complicated set up. Therefore, the minimum order for custom swim caps is 100 pieces.

custom swim capbonnet de bain silicone 3D personnalisécustom swim cap