Dreadlock Swim Cap XXL

marquage bonnet pour dreads

Finally an Extra Large (XXL) custom swim cap designed to fit dreadlocks, weaves, extensions, braids, curls, afros and more

Most swim caps are so tight that people with long hair don't have a chance to fit everything in. This means that you must either swim without a cap, which can damage your hair, or not swim at all. We don't think it's fair that anyone should miss their exercise or have fun in the pool, regardless of their hairstyle.

bonnet de bain spécial DREADS

  • Up to 36 cm in height Optimal fit
  • Optimal fit for dreadlocks
  • Easy and quick to put on and take off without snagging the hair

bonnet personnalisé pour dreadlocks

It is important to let your dreadlocks dry completely after swimming and showering etc. so it's a very convenient way to keep your dreadlocks dry while enjoying the water. Material: Silicone is soft and less prone to static electricity, which makes it much easier to put on. They can be stretched to fit the head but be careful not to tear the silicone by stretching them too much or with sharp fingernails or jewelry.

Can be fully personalized, Design your project With the help of our team of graphic designers

bonnet de bain personnalisé dreads

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