Custom Printed Seamless Wrinkle-Free Silicone Cap

The wrinkle free volume swim caps are molded by injection in a form of a half ball

These swim caps are easy to put on and remove and offer a soft and smooth touch sensation


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  • Very comfortable , ergonomically developed by its molded form.
  • Seamless wrinkle-free swim cap.
  • Standard custom printing, or even top, front , back printing and Full Print

custom swim cap

Provide protection from damaging chlorine and increased speed. Developed with a wrinkle-free fit for reduced drag, our Swim Caps are made to slide on easily and stay on

This makes it more round, allowing for fewer wrinkles when worn. It’s the near wrinkle free construction allows swimmers to be more streamlined in the water. It effectively reduces drag in the water and maximizes your speed.

The advantage of the Volume 3 D cap is that it is possible to print TOP and FRONT on the ENTIRE cap. We call this a FULL PRINT.

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custom swim cap

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